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Suggestinos for hair care

Q:Can I wash the hair bundles?

A:Hair can be removed down to clean, but the clean method must correct for the hair.

How to wash:
1. Wash hair with a moisturizing shampoo. Don’t massage the hair.
2. Condition hair with a deep conditioner for 10 min to 1 hr.
3. After deep conditioning, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
4. Lay hair flat and allow to hair dry completely. Don’t use a blow dryer.
5. Gently pat dry with a towel. Avoid wringing or twisting.
6. When brushing, start at the ends and gently work your way to the roots.
7. Curly hair should be combed and styled with fingers. 8. Wavy hair should be combed with a wide tooth comb.

Note: Pls use Quality Products.

Q:How to wash Virgin Hair Wigs?

A: If you wear your wig every day, wash it once a week; otherwise, wash it once every eight to ten uses.

How to wash:
1. Comb the hair ensure there is no tangles. Turn the wig insidecap outside.
2. Put the wig into 35-40* water, add shampoo into the water. Stir it evenly.
3. Gently press over hair for 10-15 minutes until it is clean. Don't rub with hands.
4. Rinse shampoo thoroughly and pull conditioner into water. Stir it evenly.
5. Leave hair wig in conditioner for 10-15 minutes.
6. Rinse conditioner thoroughly and use a towel to absorb the water.
7. Turn the wig insidecap back, For straight wig, choose one wide-toothed comb.
8. For wavy wig, hold the cap by hand, shake it 5-6 times, run with fingers smooth gently.
9. Put the wig onto a wig standing and let it air dry.
10. Don’t make the hair under the blazing sun for quite a long time.

Note: Never use product that contain sulphur.

Q:Will this hair hold curls well?

A:Yes,our hair can hold curls beautifully.We have some tips :

Find correct temperature for the hair curling.We suggest raise the temperature little by little to test it out.Time control is very important,we suggest let the wand/curl sits on the hair around 8-10 seconds with proper temperature.

Apply some hair spray will keep the curl pattern durable for whole day.

Q:What’s the best temperature for the flat iron or curled iron?

A:We recommend 160-180 Celsius degree or 320-360 Fahrenheit degree.Even human hair can be burned if the temperature is too high without proper time control.Heat protection products will be recommended during high temperature iron.

Note: To restyle hair, use a blow dryer or curling iron on low or warm heat setting. Advise to test a one clip hair prior to coloring or restyling the full set.

Q:Can I dyed / bleached the hair?

A:Yes.Our hairs are 100% human virgin hair and all our natural color hair can be dyed or bleached to #27,we do suggest getting a professional opinion by an experienced colorist.As a general rule it is easier to darken the hair than to lighter the hair. We highly recommend having your hairdresser dye the extensions as you will get the results you want, coloring them yourself always poses a high risk of not coming out the shade you want.We would advise for a one clip weft to be tested prior to coloring or restyling the full set to make sure the resulting shade is what you anticipate. We also recommend using a semi-permanent shape as it is much more gentle on the hair extensions.As virgin human hair will be easily dry after leaving the hair donor,so don't dye or restyle the hair too frequently,it may lead to shortening the lifespan of your hair and possibly cause damage.We do not recommend dying our Blonde or Ombre sets as they have been processed multiple times. Due to the processing they have gone through they do not take to dying well.

(Any bleaching is done at the customer's own discretion and we cannot be held accountable if the results do not come out as intended.)
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